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How to Adjust Log Cabin Windows and Doors

Tools List

  • Allen Key #4
  • Allen Key #6

Adjusting Doors

Maintaining the doors and windows in your log cabin is essential to ensuring that it is functioning at its best. Regular checks and adjustments will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. The process of adjusting the doors and windows may seem daunting, but with the right instructions, it is very manageable.

To adjust the doors, it is best to start by deciding which direction you want to move the door. Once you have made that decision, you can begin by removing the cap on the door.

Insert an Allen key (#4) to adjust the door either to the left or right by turning it in the required direction. Make sure to adjust all hinges equally.

To move the door up and down, insert an Allen key (#6) below the hinge and make adjustments incrementally.

To adjust the door at the hinge side to be either closer or further from the frame, start by removing the cap. When replacing the cap, ensure that the lug is positioned exactly snugly back to where it came from. For this adjustment, it is best to remove the door so that the hinge pins can also be positioned. The hole in the hinge pin is offset, allowing you to achieve different proximities between the door and the frame. It is important that the position of all hinge pins is identical so that the door can be re-hung correctly.

To adjust the doors at the opening side, insert the Allen key and make the adjustment as required. The receiver for the slave door at the top and bottom can also be adjusted using the Allen key.

Adjusting Windows

For adjusting the window laterally at the bottom, to the left or the right, open the window and insert the Allen key, adjusting it as required. To make the lateral adjustment at the top, insert the same Allen key, and adjust it as required. To adjust the window up or down, insert the number four Allen key into the bottom hinge and turn as needed. The repositioning of the window locking pins and their receivers is done the same as with the doors by inserting the number four Allen key and adjusting it as appropriate.

For those who prefer a more visual guide, we have a great video on our YouTube channel,, where we show step-by-step how to adjust log cabin windows and doors. This video can be a helpful resource to get a better understanding of the process and make it easier to follow the instructions.

The process of adjusting the doors and windows may seem complex, but with the right instructions, it can be done easily. By following the above instructions, you can ensure that your log cabin windows and doors remain functional and secure, and your home stays warm, dry and welcoming.

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