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Beat The Dublin Traffic Log Cabins

Beating the Perils of Commuting – Home Office Log Cabin

Are you fed up spending hours each week commuting to and from work, in overcrowded trains and buses, or stuck in traffic jams? This is where can help. Firstly, let’s look at the pros and cons of commuting:


1. You get to see the world, well just a bit of it, the same bit, day after day.
2. It get’s you into work, stressed, and home again, exhausted.


1. Expense; The average cost of running a car is over €10,000.00 per annum (AA). Train, Luas and bus fares can also bring you into four figures.
2. Environmental; All of the petrol and diesel pollution from the tens of thousands of vehicles on our roads are accelerating global warming and climate change, not good.
3. Stress; Either stuck in traffic jams, wondering if you’ll get in on time or home to bring the kids to swimming, or packed like sardines on a bus or train wondering if it’s really worth it. Stress is not good for your health.
4. Health; Many studies have shown that commuters that drive are more prone to joint disease and users of public transport experience higher rates of infection, again, not good.
5. Burden; Increased burden on spouses from partners being away for extended times due to long commutes adds workload and puts a strain on relationships.
6. Time; You have less of it, at the expense of your children, partners, hobbies, social life etc.
7. Energy; You have less of it, meaning you are less likely to have the resources and motivation to get yourself out of the endless cycle of commuting.
Need we go on?

Log Cabin Home Office

At, we specialize in comfortable, well insulated home offices and workshops. Whilst working from home may not be feasible for everyone, it is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for many to the daily commute. We supply top quality buildings, suitable for many uses, be it a home office, or as a base for your own business.

Arriving into work after a stressful commute and spending the afternoon wondering if you’ll get out ahead of the traffic or stuck in a jam are distractions that aren’t conducive to a productive day’s work.

Why not have a chat with your boss to explore the possibility of doing some of your work from home. Here’s some of the benefits to help convince them –

  • You won’t be arriving exhausted and stressed, instead you’ll be rested and ready to get a good day’s work in.
  • You’ll be more productive, better focused, with less distractions.
  • Phone calls will be easier in a calm, quiet environment.
  • Ask for a trial period, say one day a week for a month, to see how it goes. You’ll be able to show how much more productive you can be as well as lowering stress and tiredness.
  • You won’t be going home thinking about what you couldn’t get finished because it will already be done!
  • As you are saving money on commuting, you won’t be requesting a pay rise so soon (they’ll really like this one!).
  • It’s a win-win for everyone!

Why not talk to us today about getting your own home office. We have fantastic off the shelf models as well as providing a bespoke design service for a tailored solution to your requirements. We also offer a full turnkey option.

Call us on 01 564 1964 or drop us a line on form below for further information, specification and prices.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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